Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New map of the RED QUEEN WORLD!

Hello! Some info about the newly expanded map of the Red Queen world can be found here on the Epic Reads website! Here's a bit of a breakdown on how this new map came to be. 
I started with this smaller and very simple map to give the Harper artist the nitty gritty to work with. 

After the artist took a crack at expanding the map to include Montfort, and beautified the map (LOOK AT THOSE GORGEOUS MOUNTAINS), I had some notes. It can be tricky communicating map stuff and our biggest issue came when we realized the new map had been translated to Robinson projection, which was throwing off some rivers and locations in a big way. 
Now that we decided to expand the map to include Montfort, I expanded the original map underlay I was working with. I decided to go with Google Maps/original Mercator projection for ease of use to match up with the old geographic locations already established in Mercator. This helped immensely when planning out where old (and new) cities would be. 
Here's an idea of the overlay, and how much this part of North America has changed several thousand years in the future. Most rivers follow similar courses to their paths today, although they have been renamed.
With the new map underlay, it was easy to build out Montfort and the western reaches of Prairie and Tiraxes. I loved the style the artist developed for this map, so all I had to do at this point was get rivers, cities, and new borders in order. I included a key to the numbers naming new cities and rivers in an email.
Maps are my favorite, and working on this one was a dream come true. I'm so excited to keep growing the Red Queen world and can't wait for this map to be included in King's Cage!!


  1. Thank you for sharing that! It's really nice to see how story maps are officially made since I'm trying to do my own (unofficial) map :)

  2. Omg It's amazing!!!!!!! I Just love your books. It's part of my Life!!!!

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  4. I love this series so much to the point that when it was known the trilogy would be 4 books, i tried my very best to reach out to victoria without even the assurancr if she read it. I told her that the story might drag and people reading it may lose interest and pleaded that she try her best to make the flow as great as it is. This latest installment, King's Cage, though not that great struck me. I love Maven and Mare together. It is a twisted romance but still those kinds are one of the truest to the point of insanity if you ask me. Though I would not mind her with Cal also. He became as sweet as honey that gives me the fluffy feeling when reading about them together. As cliche as it may sound. As corny as the story may turn out (hopefully not cause this author is a damned good writer for twists XD) i wish it would all go down to how the first book was entitled. MARE AS THE RED QUEEN.

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